I Want A Lover Like Tee


'I want a lover who feels like;

French cinema, Starlight, Late night love letters, Old books, burnt Butter, Plastic suspender tabs that poke in too deep (that pierce the skin I’m in- that remind me I have hips; I have soul; I have sin, I have sex; I am yours), being felt up in dark places, salt water dried + crackling on freckled cheeks, bare bones (mine on yours), blisters + bruises (yours on mine), dead dandelions, fresh splinters, sweat on my sheets after too much of everything when you don’t have to leave early and I don't have to come over late, and the last bottle of wine at the back of a cupboard on a night when we don’t have to be

anywhere else but here.'

The perfect list tee. 

C xX

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