'Merci Dickhead' - just a bit cooler than the statue of David, with a sassier side-eye + no-so-subtle slash of swearing. Pop him up on your wall and make him a permanent resident at your own art gallery.

Fine Art Limited Edition Print

Archival Museum Watercolour Paper 310gsm

Each piece in this print series is a limited edition mixed media work, never to be reprinted or recreated. Once this print sells out, it will not be made available again.

About The Series

If you’re a romantic, a rebel, or just someone with a very wicked sense of humour (and great taste), these’ll do you nicely.

Each print features hand-lettering by the one + only Gillian Dinh of The Marker, over a tastefully chic European renaissance piece. It's a touch of the Louvre for the Millennial age. 

Our leading lady's revenge in my latest film involved chicly f*cking up her ex's entire apartment, in a French-inspired way (smashing french champagne, totalling french records, and graffitiing his collection of impressionist artworks). 

Gil's signature sexy rebellious style was perfect for this, as I wanted it to feel like a 'prettier' version of spray paint, instead of a hot mess done on the fly. G added some tasteful splatters to help sell that it was graffiti-ed on by the gals. If you scroll, you can see a little of the process + how it ended up looking in the film.

Limited Edition

These pieces are limited edition. This drop will be in a timed release period of two weeks only, which means you are able to purchase the artwork within the two week period. Once the timeframe has ended, the artwork will be sold out, and the number sold in this time will determine the edition size. Once these pieces have sold out, they have sold out forever (forever-ever). After this release, this artwork will not be returning to MeOhMy.


Please note- due to the limited nature of this product, there is no return or exchange on artwork unless faulty.


I recommend popping these classic pieces in a vintage gold frame (the ones featured here were found on Gumtree + in antique stores). Alternatively, your local framer will most likely be able to recommend a custom ornate frame to suit.


Due to the delicate nature of each piece, we recommend hanging your new bae in a place away from direct sunlight. Whilst we have done everything in our power to ensure its longevity (museum grade paper, fine art printing and lightfast materials) sunlight can have irreversible effects.

All artworks come with a signed authenticity card + are sent with love.


All artwork from this collection will begin shipping from the 1st of September.

Please be aware that these are extraordinary times + that unexpected disruptions to shipping are unlikely, but may occur.

With COVID-19, please allow extra time for delivery of your order.

All Domestic Orders will be sent via Australia Express Post. All International Orders will be sent by DHL global express.

All orders are picked + packed by yours truly.

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