Bloom, Girl

On Saturday, we premiered a sparkly new Bloom Girl after an insanely challenging year, to just shy of 450 lovely people. Seeing the lights come up on rows of teary faces was a surreal moment; and everything I ever wanted this show to be.
This was an improbable, impossible dream, and doing it has been the highlight of my life. I’m so touched it made so many folks feel something.
This is the messy, vulny, quirky, real + romantic story I wanted to make. 
As my friend Samie said, ‘when you shine a light on something, it takes the shame away.
Thank-you to everyone who came + stood in the darkness with me. 
I have so many people to share love + thanks with, but for now, all the pics from the event are here - please feel free to share (if you do, please tag @bloomgirlshow & @charli.burrowes).
If you came to the show, I would love to know how it made you feel. 
I want to thank my absolutely incredible director Pacharo Mzembe - who believes in facing fear head on + challenged me to make this show more real + more vulnerable.
He saw something in me I was having trouble seeing in myself at the start of the year. For his direction, kindness, support, belief + strength, I am eternally grateful. 
And I'd like to extend big, impossible to hold, sweet love to my killer team, who were a bunch of brilliant and incredibly experienced people:
Directed by @pacharomzembe 
Written and performed by @charli.burrowes 
Produced by @pmcollaboperations & @meohmystudios 
Stage Manager @abbiee.clairee 
Lighting @i_am_blacklite 
Graphics + Artwork @the.emilyedit 
Music Composed by @benjaminandrew_ 
Sfx @jleggereit 
Photography by @millietang + @mellumae 
Make-Up @pennyantuar 
Set Build @mattaramzi 
Venue @thomasdixoncentre 
With love + blooms from @maisonfleurfloraldesign @barthassamfloraldesign 
And support @cpropertyqld @theprintbar @thedairy
And finally, I want to thank my parents, who I dedicated the shows to on Saturday.
For teaching me the value of hard work, generosity of spirit, open-mindedness and, most importantly, to keep going.

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