Something Real

Nothing like putting it all out there.

I shared 'Something Real' every day in December, scattering my words all over Brisbane city; confessions, lines from my show 'Bloom Girl,' uncomfortable truths and vulnerable moments in big public spaces.

The series gathered some crazy momentum, with some of the posts even going viral. In the end, the whole thing hit close to 4.5 million views.

My favourite post was the vulnerability test. I put out a jar of free flowers in the city underneath a sign, that said ‘for anyone who needs one today.’
The first few roses practically flew out of the jar, but as it emptied, people began to hesitate. You could see them standing there, pondering the query- 'do I really need this rose today? Am I taking it away from someone else who might need it more?'
 They would approach, think on it- turn and leave them for someone else who maybe ‘needed’ one more.
The most unexpected surprise was a woman circling back with a rose bath bomb for me, little baby tears in her eyes saying she was very moved by the experience and demonstration of kindness. I accepted her gentle gift with so much gratitude. It was such a beautiful reminder of the best parts of what it means to be human.
I loved creating this series in the lead up to the show. I felt like it went hand-in-hand with what my show is about, and really bought my words to the forefront of what I create. It was a beautiful reminder that words truly are more than enough to move people. 
I’m absolutely going to do it again (and soon!) Thank-you @theemilyedit and @emmaswan for being my brave comrades and helping me shoot this.
Below, are a few of my favs.
You can find the flower video here.

If you’ve ever loved, tried, lost or been left on seen, these words are for you.



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