Vulnerability is Hot Girl Sh*T

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome.”

The first time I hit ‘publish’ on something on the internet I thought I was going to die of shame.

I was living on campus + under considerable scrutiny from the local boys college, which had already dubbed me ‘that strange blonde.’ With a penchant for eccentric frat party outfits + scaling rooftops to stargaze at 3am, I was trying to reconcile wanting to share bold and beautiful things online, with also wanting a boy to think I was, like, totally cool and supremely sexy.

I wanted to be Hot Girl, Not Strange Girl™️

Posting anything online, let alone pics of me parading around a park in electric blue eye shadow alongside blog posts baring thy soul, felt wildly vulnerable

My biggest fear was that people would see me ‘trying’ to create, and pass judgement on my attempts at making something.

At some point I let go of giving a shit about what people thought + got on with baring thy soul online.

Starting my blog didn’t help me land a date, but it did get me an internship at a fashion label and eventually, a job running photoshoots for a big brand.

Now I think the hottest thing you can do is show up + allow yourself to be seen.

To date, my number 1 piece of advice when people ask me how I got started is to embrace vulnerability; make the stuff you want to make and put it out there.

Some of it’ll be bad, some of it’ll be great.

All of it will evolve and get better.

Over the next while, I’ll be sharing all the awkward, messy eras of my own mad journey.

This is a nod to the first one x

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